Autism Answers

 Autism Answers


Disclaimer:  The information provided in this article has not been reviewed nor approved by the FDA.  It is for informational purposes only.  These are the steps I take or would take in my life to become healthier and disease free.  This is based upon my years of research, writing, and living this lifestyle. 

This article does not address the cause of autism. That is the topic for an entire book.  Instead I only want to talk about answers; solutions to this devastating problem.  Based on evidence here in the US and research in China, it seems apparent and reasonable that heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum are the cause.  This is both because of the metals settling into the organs of the child and that the metals destroy the flora in the child’s gut. 

The very first thing I recommend, especially if your child has very recently shown signs of autism, is to give them high doses of cod liver oil.  I recommend that you purchase a cod liver oil from the North Sea, a brand such as Carlson’s.  Actually, cod liver oil is beneficial for all children, not just those with autism as it helps improve their brain capacity and logic.

In addition to the cod liver oil, I strongly recommend a course of chelation therapy, a method of helping the body to rid itself of heavy metals. 

The second nutrient I recommend is Glutathione.  Glutathione is an amino acid.  It is difficult for the body to absorb this amino acid through the gut, so it must be given in liquid form under the tongue.  I highly recommend the brand CCL Glutathione spray (available on Amazon).  Give the full dose of twelve shots of the spray under the tongue.  Have the child hold it there, then swish it around their mouth and swallow.  Do not give any other liquid for two minutes.  The glutathione as no taste and is not offensive. 

The third nutrient I recommend is Milk Thistle.  Milk thistle helps the liver to remain clean and healthy.  The liver will also be filtering out the heavy metals in the child’s body.

The fourth step is to (ideally) make your own fermented vegetables and feed your child a serving daily.  They are easy to make and a video showing the process is available to watch for free on my website The recipe is also available in all of my e-books and printed books.  If making your own fermented vegetables is not possible, I recommend buying Bubbies brand sauerkraut and giving your child a serving each day.  The serving of either approach does not have to be large, even one-half cup is plenty.   These provide the healthy bacteria your child’s body needs to function properly.  Not only will this help eliminate heavy metals from their body, it will also boost their immune system, helping them to avoid colds and flu, as well as keeping them regular. 

Although this is true for all children, it is especially true for those who are autistic.  Eliminate all sugars and chemical sugar substitutes from your child’s diet. I would also recommend eliminating all wheat products: bread, pasta, crackers, cereal, etc.   Make sure your child’s diet is rich in healthy fats such as avocados and avocado oil, bacon and bacon fat (use only uncured bacon), and raw, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil. 

It is also important to remove any additional toxins from your child’s environment.  Do not use any type of air freshener or fabric softener.  Make sure the Baking Powder you use does not contain aluminum.  Do not apply any type of antiperspirant on your child (as it also contains aluminum).  I would also highly suggest getting a water filter for your home, one that eliminates fluoride from your water.  Fluoride ingestion has been shown to lead to lower IQ scores in children.  It also does not protect their teeth from cavities.  One excellent brand is Berkey (also available on the internet).  In this same vein, buy a brand of toothpaste that does not contain fluoride.  I refer you to Desert Essence or Tom’s of Maine brands. 

Chelation therapy has shown amazing results in reversing autism.  Isn’t this approach worth a try regardless of your beliefs? After all, it is your child we are talking about.

For more information about autism, please visit my website (spelled out, no numbers or symbols) and for more detailed information and references, you can there purchase my e-book 10 Steps to Reversing Autism which covers this information in greater detail.   This podcast and the associated article are also available on my site as well as on