Depression, Anxiety & Psychoses


10 Step Integrative Health Series: Depression, Anxiety & Psychoses

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10 Step Integrative Health Series: Depression, Anxiety & Psychoses

Over 40 million people in America suffer from depression or anxiety.  Our poor diets have not only depressed our immune systems, they have also caused depression and sadness.   Anxiety is the opposite expression of the same physical disorder which causes depression so both respond to the same treatment.    

There are confirmed risks associated with chemical approaches to treating depression, often, sadly, that being suicide.  A natural approach has no such side effects. 

The three most effective steps in reversing depression and anxiety (as outlined in my book) are:

1.        Vitamin D3.  I suggest either sitting in the sun for 30 minutes or taking 5,000 to 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 (do NOT take other forms of Vitamin D, only D3)

2.       Eliminate Sugar.  Sugar is not only a stimulant, it is also addictive.  It destroys the natural bacterial balance in the gut which leads to a myriad of diseases including depression.  Sugar (as well as artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame) must be eliminated from the diet

3.       Eat fermented vegetables.  You now must restore the proper probiotic bacterial flora to your stomach and intestines.  The most effective way of doing this is by fermenting and eating organic vegetables. 

These are only three of the ten steps included in this new and exciting book.  Full details on the above steps are included in the text and references. 

This book is currently available only in pdf format.  The cost is only $9.95 and it will be e-mailed to you after payment (no shipping charges).